Cool photos with hot and crazy Gwen Stefani

Do you like Gwen Stefani? I think she is a good looking woman, a good singer and, unfortunately, she is a role model for many young people… Gwen is really crazy and can do stupid things sometimes and that is why she should not be a role model for people…

This photo gallery has some of the best and most interesting pictures with her… Gwen is a member of No Doubt band, but she is also a fashion designer – she is famous for her L.A.M.B.. She is famous for her lyrics and for her songs – her single “Hollaback Girl” was a huge success.

Gwen Stefani can be strange sometimes, as you can see in the image below. She drinks some milk, has an emo make-up and looks like Minnie…


She can also be a very beautiful and sexy lady in the paparazzi picture below. Her glasses are cool, she has a nice transparent blouse and I can tell that she likes the black color. Gwen is cool!


The paparazzi caught her when she was about to enter her car, which it is really huge!


If you always wanted to see Gwen Stefani naked, now it is the time. In the next photo she is in her swimsuit, caught by paparazzi in a cool candid photo.


What a weird haircut!


Gwen’s baby seems to be as cool as her!


Let’s face it! Gwen is skinny, or to be more clear, she has no breasts, but she looks hot in her superb dress.


One thing is for sure, Gwen Stefani loves glasses and she looks cool when she wear it… maybe I do not see very well, but she has soem gold letters around her neck and they say OG… OG Simpson??


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