Rihanna – sexy and hot – best paparazzi photos ever

These are the best paparazzi photos with Rihanna, sexy and hot, in almost all of the pictures in this images gallery. I don’t think Rihanna is very beautiful, But I like her. These paparazzi photos will show you a side of Rihanna which you have never seen! Enjoy!

Rihanna seems to like the paparazzi photographers.

Sexy Rihanna is the dream of every man!

Rihanna in her swimsuit may be too fat for some tastes, but she looks good.

This is a Rihanna paparazzi photo, a true candid one…

In the next photo Rihanna breasts are a touch of magic!

Rihanna bikini is a fine image.

Rihanna is beautiful and I think I would like to meet her someday.

Naked Rihanna is in the next photo. Not exactly, but so close!

Hot Rihanna like you have never seen her!

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